We homeschool partly because the Queen does not like hunting for shoes early in the morning, partly because it’s what we’re used to and mostly just because we like reading and thinking and talking about real books together.

Our primary curriculum is Ambleside Online, a curriculum based on real books and the philosophy of British educator Charlotte Mason, who emphasized that education is about relationships.

During the 2013-2014 school year, the Duchess and Deux are doing Year 3. The twins will be doing reading lessons and some stories of their own.

This is a brief summary of what we are studying this year:

  • Bible: Reading through Exodus-Deuteronomy and Luke.
  • Memory: A poem, hymn, folksong, Bible passage, and Spanish folk song each month.
  • Language Arts: Copywork from our memory work and readings. Deux will be doing word building using Natural Speller; Duchess will begin dictation and also practice typing.
  • History: The Age of Exploration, using books such as This Country of Ours, An Island Story, A Child’s History of the World, and biographies of Leonardo da Vinci, William Shakespeare, Queen Elizabeth, Sir Walter Raleigh, and the Pilgrims.
  • Geography: Map work with an emphasis on Asia. Learning about different places through reading about the travels of Marco Polo.
  • Natural History/Science: Sea creatures through Pagoo; woodland creatures through Secrets of the Woods; general science studies through Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding. Nature walks and sketching.
  • Mathematics: Year 4 of Mathematics Enhancement Programme
  • Literature: Tales from Shakespeare, Pilgrim’s Progress, The Princess and the Goblin, The Heroes, The Children of the New Forest, The Jungle Book, Parables from Nature, American Tall Tales.
  • Poetry: Poems by William Blake, Sara Teasdale, Hilda Conkling, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.
  • Languages: Speaking Spanish with Miss Mason and Francois from Cherrydale Press. Duchess also wants to study French.

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