More on One Note Planning

It’s been a few years since I posted about planning with One Note. Although I still use and love One Note, my methods have changed a little over the years.

One of the big changes is that I find it easier to plan out each day’s work, and for me it works better in a visual grid. (We might adjust from this, or at times I might say, “Well, we’re doing Thursday’s work today because of changes,” but generally our schedule is pretty consistent week to week and this works well.)

I have a rough schedule to begin with–the top row is group work, then Bible, other readings, and additional activities. Generally I want to read Our Island Story on Monday, Little Duke on Tuesday, etc.  (Note that the Bible is different from Year 2 because we are all doing the Year 5 readings together.) I create a tab for each term and then within it a page for each week. I just copy the week’s work from the Ambleside Online site onto each page and then paste the relevant readings into the right slots. Much of the work is consistent from week to week so it’s only a bit of copying and pasting. When I have the week’s schedule done, I delete the pasted-in text at the bottom and it’s ready to go.

Grid picture--year 2

My schedule for Year 5 is different–their readings are very consistent from week to week, so I am creating a single schedule for each week of the term and printing out the bookmarks with each assignment on them. They thought this would work better for them and it’s less printing. I actually created two of these schedules, since I have two students using the same materials, in hopes that they will both alternate their work better (last year they got in the habit of doing all their readings at a gulp and then all their computer or writing work) and still not fight over the materials (or, more likely, computer).

Grid picture--year 5


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