Term 3

By hook or by crook, we have wrapped it up. We are all very ready for a break. We dropped the last few weeks of math and writing and doubled up on readings for awhile, and finally I decided to just call it quits. We did finish Marco Polo and The Landing of the Pilgrims, both of which it would have been a shame to quit before the end. (And both of which held their interest right until the end.) We said goodbye to books we have been working with for years: Pilgrim’s Progress, Parables from Nature, Lamb’s Shakespeare. Although Pilgrim’s Progress was seldom a favorite, except when Pilgrim was battling Apollyon, they expressed interest in reading the sequel next year, the “off” year before the twins are scheduled to start it.

We didn’t quite finish Jungle Book, but we read all the Mowgli stories and “Rikki-Tikki-Tavi,” and I have hopes that we will dip into the others over the summer. I decided to shunt off a few chapters of history–they can probably survive if they don’t read about the founding of New Hampshire or the Black Hole of Calcutta just yet. We haven’t listened to as much Handel as I hoped, but we have done some and I caught them playing a CD of him on their own volition one night. We haven’t looked at all the Rembrandt prints I made but I will try to cycle through them over the summer. We finished off Peterkin Papers as our free read and loved it. Longfellow poems were a hit, even for the twins, though we didn’t read quite all of those scheduled. Spanish pretty much fell off the radar and we didn’t do all the memory work I had lined out.

It was a difficult term for me because of everything else going on. DOB’s health remains doubtful and we are not sure what life or school will look like by fall. But it was still a good term and the end to a good year with a lot of progress. Deux drew a snake in his nature notebook with only the smallest of prompts. Duchess started written narration and did quite creditably–easily doing a legible, coherent paragraph.

Because I apparently find it hard to let go completely, I signed them all up for Khan Academy math and they are excited (ok, begging) to do that. (Duchess jokes that it is where you learn how to be the Kahn. I said I hoped she would be Kublai, not Genghis.) I figure on them doing three days a week, with a half-hour of free reading for the big kids and a brief reading lesson for the twins. (I really think they should be able to read. I kind of suspect they *can* read, but don’t realize it or don’t want to admit it yet. The other day a lady from church was reading to Dot at some length and protested because every time she missed a word Dot would point it out, yet Dot continued to insist that she could not read.) Those will be the days they get computer time, and then they will have a few extra days a week without computer time. Deux is finally starting to enjoy reading independently, and I’d love to solidify that over the summer. I suspect his eyes are finally adjusting to his glasses.

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