Term 2

We have finished up Term 2. We have also finished moving. So we are running a little slow for the year, just starting Term 3 while everyone else posts about winding things up. Looks like we will have a very short summer.

Still, we’ve accomplished a lot. The clipboards continue to work very well to organize independent work and give them a chance to get started early. The basket isn’t as essential now that we have a designated schoolroom, but the organizational scheme has carried us through some very hectic weeks. (We did wind up taking three weeks off during the critical part of the move.)

Children of the New Forest was very well-liked. Sort of the Boxcar Children writ large, with more perspective on the English Civil War than we ever hoped to know. In history we continued with our existing books, focusing mostly on the English Civil War and the early settlement of Virginia. They read biographies of Shakespeare and Queen Elizabeth, already two favorite figures. In science we finished Pagoo and started Secrets of the Woods. Honestly, nature readings are never their favorite, but I think they are enjoying Secrets of the Woods a little more.

They are starting to get the hang of doing worksheet math finally. Deux wants me to write some of his answers, but they are beginning to work more independently. Some of it seems too easy, but since they’re still getting used to doing it themselves, that’s probably a good thing. Not sure what I’ll do next year, but we’ll see how they are doing at the end of the year. I may want to skip a year, as there’s a lot of repetition at this age and they are usually complaining that it’s too easy (except when they find something novel, then they complain the other way).

I am not having much luck getting Deux to read on his own. There still seem to be some eye fatigue issues, though he can read and comprehend any of the texts. Apparently he has not been wearing his glasses enough for his eyes to adjust, so we just need to keep pushing through. Meanwhile, I’m still buddy-reading with him, or if everyone is getting along very well he and Duchess will read together.

In our new house, we have lovely dirt roads through woods and fields for nature walks and have been doing more of them just as a nice break mid-morning in school. Also we have actually made some nature notebook entries.

The twins are still hanging on the periphery. With Term 3 I am starting them on the Burgess Bird Book. Dash is not impressed with being required to do anything, but he clearly understands. Reading lessons have been very hit and miss. They seem quite close but we just haven’t made it a regular thing yet. They both did very well with their AWANA books this year, and have amazing verbal memories.

Another change in the new house is having the piano handy instead of in an outbuilding. I don’t want to try to do formal lessons yet, but we are playing around with some basic things, and maybe trying some online lessons. Just getting them familiar with the instrument.

Honestly, I’m a bit worn out at this point. I’d love to call it quits for the year and pick back up in the fall. But school is providing some much-needed stability for our day, and there are some exciting new books in Term 3.

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