Out of the Frying Pan

Well, this week turned out to be an even better one to test my new independent work basket than expected, because in addition to the start of Term 2 we had our first (and last) house showing on 72 hours’ notice. So I had spent all weekend cleaning like a crazy woman and was still at it all morning on Monday. The kids found the basket, did most of their stuff (with considerable questions, especially for math, but I could answer them while scrubbing the sink). Then a very kind lady from church took them out for a few hours while I cleaned the floors and the showing happened, then we did our group time in the afternoon.

The rest of the week was punctuated with meetings, but the new system held. Deux still doesn’t do it all alone, but he is pretty enthusiastic about doing the math and grudgingly cooperative with the copywork. He really prefers to read out loud or listen; for the Heroes I finally dug out the little MP3 player and that worked very well for him; he gave a stellar narration.

Some mornings the full planned group time right after the independent work is too much. I need to learn when to quit and start again after lunch. The twins have been doing mazes and super easy word searches, as well as just free drawing.

We are putting a bid in on a house today, so we’ll see how that goes. (It has space for an actual schoolroom/office! AND a playroom! AND a hideout for DOB!) Regardless, it looks like the next couple of months are going to be very hectic.

It only takes me about 10 minutes or so to tidy up the clipboards and ready the basket for the next day. The assignment sheet pages get really battered by the end of the week, but I suppose that is not important. I’m a little aghast at the quantities of paper and printer ink consumed.

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