Planning: Enough Already

I think we’re just going to start school on Monday.

I started looking at the fall and the chances are that school is going to get disrupted many times with DOB’s medical issues. Better to start a bit early and have some breathing room. If we start this next week, we have five extra weeks to get through the end of the term before Christmas break. Which means if all goes well we’ll have plenty of time for a nice Thanksgiving and Christmas break and the long weekends and even if it doesn’t all go well we should be *done* before Christmas instead of scootching it in afterward and playing catchup all winter and spring.

I *think* I’ve done everything on the must-do list. I got the Spanish book in (it looks good!). The notebooks are ready and the papers and maps printed out. No doubt things will turn up missing once we plunge in, but we’re just going to make  a start at it.

The house isn’t perfectly organized, but it’s functionally clean and I’ve at least made a start on the basement. If I have the energy tomorrow, I might organize the shelves and desk area. Or I might get started on the legal work I have coming due next week. So many things to juggle sometimes, and only so much energy.

The kids are excited. Whether it is from the studies itself, or because it means we will be resuming daily computer time, I’m not sure. Either way, it will work. (And they did just fine all summer without the regular computer time, so I am satisfied that it is not taking over our lives.)

Here goes.

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