Losing Steam

OK, NOW comes the isn’t-the-school-year-over-yet time. Grandparents have been here, fun but distracting. I’ve been working. A lot. We’re all tired and ready to be done. But I want to BE done, so on it goes.

MEP is working well so far. The first week was somewhat traumatic, I think just because of the new format and the different kinds of questions. But they were still enjoying it (despite tears) so we have persisted and now it is going more smoothly. Deux also has become obsessed with the scientific calculator and has figured out how to create a function chart. Then he likes to scroll down it, watching x and f(x) change in tandem for hours on end.

Spanish and science have really gotten shoved to the side. Maybe we’ll do better next year. The War of Roses is confusing. Richard III has joined King John in Britain’s Most Hated Kings (at least for this household). We *have* been doing picture study–Seurat is a lot of fun. They hated Puccini (as in, the twins would scream if I even turned it on). Next week is The Barber of Seville and I think they’ll enjoy that much more. Otto of the Silver Hand is good.

It’s hard to believe we have arrived at the end of the Middle Ages. I wonder how much they grasp of the progression. I remember when I was a child frustrated because I knew there had to be plenty of history between the end of the Bible and Columbus sailing the ocean blue, but we never got to hear it. They won’t have that experience, so they probably won’t appreciate it.

Columbus will be sailing the ocean blue these next two weeks, and I think I’m going to mix things up a bit by having them make a comic strip about it.

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