In sickness and in health

The beginning of Term 2 has definitely been characterized more by the former than the latter. We have had several waves, in various forms, DOB being the worst hit. I keep hoping we have seen the end, but Dot has been coughing really hard today . . .

Anyway, thanks to Librivox when my voice wasn’t up to it, we have been able to get along with only the loss of a week. Deux seems to have a bit more trouble narrating with Librivox than when I read, but it’s a lot better than nothing. Fortunately by Friday of this past week I was able to read again, at least most of it, or have the energy to make them take their turns reading. (I let them listen to the chapter of Wind in the Willows, those chapters are looonnnggg, though I love them.)

They seem to be enjoying Pilgrim’s Progress more. We had a good discussion on some of the scenes at the Interpreter’s House.

Duchess is working, of her own choice, on copying out the entirety of Psalm 139. She is doing good work. Deux copied a few stanzas of our January poem and is planning to do a selection from the February poem as well.

The twins are really getting into writing, too. Today in Sunday School they both wanted to write in the answer on their own page. Duchess gave them a phonics lesson after church, of words that end in “in,” and they carefully copied them onto their own whiteboards. Dash also figured out how to count and write two-digit numbers and was pretty impressed with the decimal system.

We read about King Richard and King John, and were happy to get a better knowledge of some familiar faces, and find out why no one spoke to King John for days and days and days. Being excommunicated will do that for you.

Probably the most fun math project ever was printing out some pages of polygons and using them to draw various stars and patterns. Duchess had her mind blown a bit when I told her that this was math. 😀 Intertwining with this has been the art of M. C. Escher, verbal and visual paradoxes, and optical illusions. We’ve also been investigating patterns in the times tables, and playing a simple game of rolling two 12-sided dice and coloring in the products to try to get four in a row.

We did a brief science lesson on evaporation and condensation, but they seemed to have a pretty good idea about the water cycle anyway. Well, we had had to teach Deux about evaporation at a very early age because he was always convinced his shirt would NEVER dry when it got wet.

We went to the zoo on a day when a friend was visiting and we were feeling a little better. I was impressed on how their eye for detail and observation has grown, especially the Duchess. We also managed nature notebooks this past week and, again, her powers of observation and attention to detail were dramatic between a rhododendron bud she had drawn a year ago and the one she drew this week. (I guess February makes rhododendron buds appealing.) Deux also has tended to be less than enthusiastic about realistic drawing but he got absorbed in drawing the twists and turns of lichen.

Climbing in the laurels has been all the rage lately. I also want to remember to work on skipping with Deux–he has always had trouble using his left side well and still cannot hop on that side. But he would like to learn and regular practice will help. We got completely derailed from the daily exercises we were doing. I hope to pick those back up this week.

One thought on “In sickness and in health

  1. Glad everyone is feeling better. Sounds like you still got a lot done during it all. I like audio books a lot. I’ve used Libervox and free ones from our library.

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