End of Term 1

Well, we did it. We finished Term 1! Duchess will be sad to bid farewell to Understood Betsy, although we were all happy to hear how it ended. We’ll be starting Wind in the Willows this week and I can hardly wait.

That’s the only major book change, though. This week we read about the First Crusade and had a good discussion; we also discussed the death of Thomas a Becket again, and I think they got it more this time than when we read about it before Christmas. We saw Henry II come to a sad death with all his sons fighting him. (I think Henry II falls into the category of good king, bad person, sort of the opposite of Stephen. This view is probably reinforced by The Lion in Winter, which the kids will not be seeing any time soon.) We had some awesome science demonstrations on the gasses in air, requiring the use of flames and fizzing. We also read about lemmings and saw the Tree in the Trail turned into an ox yoke and head to Santa Fe.

We managed to keep up on our composer studies (thanks to the wonderfully helpful ladies who put up the term’s selections on Grooveshark) and art and poetry studies. We’ve started Muzzy Part II and they are starting to use more Spanish around the house. Duchess got a Spanish book in her book-of-the-month club that has some helpful sentences to put words in. I think they are ready to really enjoy speaking full sentences.

I’m not quite ready for the new term in that I don’t have the papers sorted into the right folders yet. I’m starting to use fewer papers, though. Just the maps we are studying in Europe (I want to work on learning some rivers now), pictures to go with each new king, and blank paper for handwriting.

I remembered to give them some empty notebooks that had been intended as Christmas presents. (The ones with blank tops and primary lined paper below.) They all set to work writing stories. I was pleased to see that Duchess and Deux both have a solid grasp of punctuating quotations.


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