Year 2, Week 2

The wonder of this week is both that we did the work pretty much as scheduled, and that it didn’t feel like pushing too much. Because this week the three younger kids all had a violent stomach flu, including a doctor’s visit and an IV for Dash.

But we carried on with school, partly because I hated to take off when we had just gotten started, and partly because Duchess (who had it a week ago, less severely) was perfectly well and spoiling for something to do. Deux was fairly sick, but not as sick as the twins.

So I exempted Deux from writing or from reading to himself until he was better, we did math a bit more informally, but we did it and it went well. And the twins are better now, too.

Year 2: Tree in the Trail, Ch. 2, 3; Burgess Animal Book, Ch. 3, 4; Understood Betsy, Ch. 1; An Island Story, “The Battle of Stamford Bridge”; CHOW, “A Light in the Dark Ages”; The Little Duke, rest of Ch. 1; Poetry of Walter de la Mare; Science lesson on joints and muscles (BFSU B-6); Salsa Spanish; finger knitting.

I think they will enjoy Understood Betsy; well, I’m sure Duchess will. Deux is really excited about getting to William the Conqueror, for some reason. He enacted the battle with the Risk soldier set DOB got him for his birthday. We did not do any timeline addition for Charlemagne, nor did we draw a map (though we did look in the atlas) so I feel he rather got glossed over. The reading happened to hit at a bad time.

The Animal book actually went really well this week. I read it aloud rather than having them read it. The twins listened, too, and seemed to get quite a bit out of it. Maybe I should make it a read-aloud after all. We had a good discussion about species, family, and orders based on Chapter 4, and then, coincidentally, we got into a discussion of squares, rectangles, trapezoids, quadrilaterals and polygons in math and that made for an interesting comparison in nesting organization systems.

The lesson on joints and muscles was a lot of fun; they counted up the joints they could find, then we tested different muscles and talked about how muscles could only work by pulling.

Duchess really took to finger knitting and made several scarves for the stuffed animals, though she has trouble binding off. Deux didn’t care much for it.

We only did two regular math lessons; the other days Deux was sick. On the one he was better I played Blackjack with him. Duchess did worksheets from MEP for a change of pace, which she enjoyed. She’d probably really like doing a workbook program. On the other hand, she wrote up a beautiful definition of “Polygon” in her math notebook and drew an example.

We did fewer extras this week; I forgot to play the music again. We didn’t look at the painting again, though it has been on the wall. They watched Salsa, but we didn’t read a Spanish book. Still, we did the science and we did a handcraft, so it was not all lost. We also did a map study on Europe, which they really enjoyed. First they looked at a map for awhile, then they set it aside and filled in what they could remember on a blank map, then they looked again, corrected, and chose more things to add. I need to print out maps with the countries outlined, though. Drawing in the eastern border of France is too hard.

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