School Planning with OneNote

I started out by creating a folder for Subject Overviews, with a page in it for each subject. Here is where I list all the books that will be needed for the term, any general resources I want to keep track of, and if I need to schedule it out myself, create a table to help me do that.

Next I created a folder for each term. Within each term folder is a page for each week. On the main page for each week I list everything I want to have done that week (and this year I’m putting EVERYTHING on it) with lines for how many times it will need to be done. I plan for a four-day week with one day for nature walk and errands. Further down on the page would be the subjects to be read together, along with art, composer, and nature study.

OneNote then allows the creation of subpages, and subsubpages, and subsubsub–not sure how far it goes. Subpages is enough for me. The subpages vary according to the needs of the week, but I will have one with all the copywork selections for that week, usually one with a list of resources I may want to hunt up (library books, science materials, YouTube videos, etc.), and one with maps or links to other things that need printed. This year I also have the study guides to go with The Little Duke and pictures of the animals to go with each week of The Burgess Animal Book.

The final stage of planning will be to print out copies of the weekly assignment sheets, copywork sheets, any maps, coloring pages, or other materials, and putting them in folders for each week. Then at the beginning of each week I just have to pull out the right folder and everything is ready to go.

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