Out with the old, in with the new

We did it! We finished the year on time and under budget! (Well, ok, we hadn’t had to spend on anything since January anyway.)

Our last few weeks of school included reading Romeo and Juliet (Duchess cried; Deux just remarked, “They shouldn’t have *done* that); reading about the decline and fall of the Roman Empire and the martyrdom of St. Alban (with a fine little storyboard type drawing, their favorite way to narrate history); discovering (on their own) how to do two-digit addition and subtraction; and watching video of great blue herons in the nest.

We finished two days early, leaving us a day to meet friends at the park and another just for celebrating the Duchess’ birthday.

Right now Duchess is doing a drama program for this week and next week (Annie, Jr.), so that is making it feel pretty busy. (Being ready to go out every morning is a new experience for us.)  I have a simple summer reading schedule that will have us cover the chapters between where we left off and where Year 2 starts in CHOW and OIS; Viking Tales (which we did not read in Term 3) and the D’Aulaire book of Greek Myths. Plus we are still reading the Red and Blue Fairy Tales.

The twins have also gotten interested in me reading Farmer Boy to them. Sometimes the big kids listen. I also bought a subscription to Dreambox Learning to practice math over the summer (they’re doing it two-three times a week) as well as Mythmatical Battles card game, which Deux in particular is obsessed with.

Still haven’t started on nature notebooks or art or science projects or all the other stuff I was going to get to once school was out. But maybe once the musical is over.

Starting to plan next year. Year 2 looks great–there is going to be a lot they enjoy. I’m trying to split up the readings so they are responsible for doing half independently. I’m also trying having a printed-out assignment sheet for each of them, so they can check work off as they do it and I don’t have to scramble for the computer to see what we are doing each day.


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