Week 31-33

We did it! We are now on track to finish school before Duchess’ birthday. We’re planning to take off from Duchess’ birthday (June 22) through Deux’s birthday (September 29).

In history we are still reading about the Roman empire. The destruction of Pompeii was particularly enjoyed. Also Boadicea rallying her troops against the Roman tyrants.

One night we watched the DK Eyewitness Volcano documentary. I was completely unimpressed. No connecting storyline, no coherence at all, just a random collection of volcano trivia. I’ll be looking for a better source for documentaries.

We did finally manage to do a science lesson, this one on distinguishing materials. We also had a lesson on the Great Blue Heron and enjoyed watching them on a webcam. (We often see them at the beach.) When we went for a wetlands walk, we spotted a mother duck with her babies and some red-winged blackbirds.

In math we worked out a magic square together. That was fun. I gave them the clues that the total was 15 and that 5 went in the middle and Deux instantly saw that the remaining task was arranging combinations of 10 around the edge. It took us awhile to find one that would make the rows come out right, though. Their math lessons progressed to two-digit addition on paper (they’ve been doing it in their head for several months) and Duchess realized that you could just add each column to arrive at the right answer, since it would be tens to tens and ones to ones. She shared this with Deux and they were both mighty pleased at discovering the trick.

And we did painting! I even let them use the real watercolor paper. And I’ve read poems to them! And we did another Norman Rockwell picture study! I turned on Mahler once, but that was probably enough.

Actually school has gotten quite a bit easier the last month or so–Deux seems to have matured somewhat and be handling the writing much better and generally able to concentrate for the duration. Now to keep going strong to the end.

Dot has started writing quite a bit. I picked up a Boggle Jr. game at a yard sale and she really latched on to it. Dash found it much harder to match the letters, but he is loving counting and asks for the picture book about subtraction regularly.

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