Week 29–Oh Dear

We have been working hard at school. I just haven’t been recording it well. In fact, we’re doing an extra day of school each week to enable us to finish up a week early.

They’ve been enjoying learning about Rome very much. Gladiator contests range through the living room and yard. They watched *City* by David Macaulay twice. It was darker than I expected, but even the twins wanted to rewatch it.

The book of Greek myths is still the all-time favorite, though.

I’m thinking about buying a few months of Dreambox over the summer. I’m pretty impressed with the math instruction and it’s fun for the kids. I’ve been letting them have daily computer time as a way to regulate school time. It works. I still feel a little guilty about it. But it’s only 15 minutes apiece.

I finally bought Startwrite–the older, cheaper version. I’m letting Deux trace, as he still has a few letters where he is in doubt about where to start. I feel like we’ve slacked a little in the care we take with handwriting, alas.

We’ve had some beautiful days and lots of playing outside. The big kids are learning to mow (with a non-powered mower). We went to some beaches and some trails.

Dot has learned to write her own name–with some letters upside down. 🙂

We haven’t done any fun read-alouds for the big kids. Should probably start something up again, but it may wait for summer.

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