Week 26 & 27

The past two weeks have been busy with grandparent visits, but we still did our planned school readings while the twins did special projects; then the big kids did special projects during nap time. It worked great. The grandparents also read The Secret Garden to them.

Our readings about Rome and Carthage have really fascinated Deux and he even drew his own map one day. Duchess is eagerly waiting for the chapter on Roman lifestyle and the accompanying paper dolls. She has checked out some huge books of historical costumes and has spent hours poring over them.

The accompanying lesson on Roman numerals and the number systems of the ancient Greeks and Hebrews also were a lot of fun. (We read a chapter from Number Stories of Long Ago.) They were so interested they want to memorize the Greek alphabet and I expanded on the idea by showing scientific notation and briefly explaining exponents.

The twins’ special projects were painting t-shirts. Duchess made potholders on a loom. Deux built a paper castle. They all had a wonderful time, and now I can stop feeling guilty about handcrafts for a month or two.

I realized this morning that Dash has somehow taught himself to read numerals. I have no idea how he figured this out. He is very good at counting objects up to ten or so and keeps trying to work out addition problems.

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