Week 25–Back in the Saddle

Year 1: CHOW, Ch. 29 “A Boy King”; PFN, “Law of the Wood”; PTTS Ch. 19 “Forest Fire”; JSS, “The Alphabet”; Aesop, “Fox and Goat”; “Cat, Cock and Mouse.” Science–Biomes of the world;

Twins: Letter “M”; Readywriter “Brownies” page; pattern blocks; read-alouds.

We switched back to morning school, which means I’ve been doing a better job of doing things with the twins and the big kids have been reading out loud to me more regularly. The twins remembered more letters than I would have thought and they are at least moderately interested in the Readywriter pages.

We had a really great discussion on wildfires; we supplemented with a more detailed picture book and also they recalled a great deal from the relevant chapter in Little House on the Prairie, so we re-read and discussed it. Then we did our science lesson on different biomes and located pictures of wildlife and identified where it would live and why.

Alexander the Great was a pretty fun topic, too, and Duchess at least had read some of the supplemental books I got.

We have slowed down in math as it gets a little more complex and so that we’ll come out even at the end of the year. In addition, they are now doing a computer math game every morning while I finish up the morning chores and do things with the twins. Zoo Whiz has been one. It’s basically just glorified worksheets, but they’re relatively intelligent worksheets and they have enjoyed earning animals for their zoo. Duchess also has been enjoying the beta test of the Addition and Subtraction Timez Attack, but Deux finds the timed work too stressful.

The next two weeks Grandma and Grandpa are visiting, but we’re hoping to continue more or less on track, with the twins spending school time doing special projects with Grandma and Grandpa, and then big kids taking their turn in the afternoon.

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