Week 17, mostly

We didn’t get derailed by the snow, but the sun was a bit more distracting. That’s OK by me. A full day of playing outside in February is worth shoving the reading schedule back a bit.

February Memory: The Parable of the Rich Fool; “The Church’s One Foundation”; “Now is the Hour”; Arriba y Abajo; “Knights in Armor” by Milne.

Year 1: CHOW, “Rich Man, Poor Man”; Aesop, “Beasts and Birds,” “Lion, Ass & Fox”; D’Aulaire’s Franklin, PTTS, Ch. 13.

Twins: Dash has become obsessed with puzzles and has progressed to complex ones. Dot is more into coloring, and her pictures of people are elaborate (necks, hair, hands with fingers, clothes, etc.)

What we didn’t do was the reading from Parables From Nature and the last half of Franklin. We’ll probably finish those the first part of this week and go on a bit out of sync until after the President’s Day weekend. There’s also a bit of math left over, although we did go over everything orally. We did not do much copywork, alas.

We did, in addition to much time playing outside, do a bit of sketching in nature journals. The food chain came up in discussion, and the twins listened to a couple of books about it. We started on our February memory work.

We’re doing better at reading poems regularly.

We had a lot of company and getting together with people this week.

On the whole, a pretty good week. I just hope we don’t start getting too far behind.

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