Week 13

Year 1: CHOW, “Kings with Corkscrew Curls”; PTTS, ch. 10, first half of George Washington, by the D’Aulaires; Stories of Gaia, Uranus, Chronos from the D’Aulaire’s Greek Myths.

January Memory: Psalm 29; “What a Friend We Have in Jesus”; “Carrickfergus”; Review of “Cabeza, Hombros” and “Diez Deditos”; “Halfway Down” by Milne.

Twins: Jonah by Peter Spier. Various other books. Playing with gems.

We’ve tried doing afternoon school this week. Deux feels cheated out of afternoon playtime. He does not seem to notice the extra morning playtime. However, narrations are less painful by having two fewer interrupters in the room. I wonder if we could do the writing-type school in the morning, plus projects, and only the read-aloud in the afternoon.

I feel kind of cheated out of afternoon work/writing/reading time for me, too. I have an uneasy feeling that no matter what I do there won’t be enough hours in the day.

Jonah was a nice complement to reading about the Assyrians. Large, people-swallowing fish figured prominently in their play this week. The big kids also cut out soldiers to go with it.

We’ve started Peter Pan which is a huge hit. (Too huge, they put up a fearful fuss when I stop reading for the day.)

We went on a hike in the woods in a downpour and got lost.We did find ourselves again.

I identified a Fox Sparrow at the feeder. I’m hoping to get to tell sparrows apart this year. I had initially hoped to learn to identify some bird songs, but my memory for sound sequences is very poor, so that may be asking too much. I’m still struggling to get the tune of “Carrickfergus” in my head and getting very impatient because all the performed versions I can find are soooo slooooow.

We drew in our nature notebooks this week! Inside because of the rain, but they did lovely detailed drawings of some different evergreen branches, cones, and the bug that came in with them.

The Duchess has started a couple more stories. We are working towards getting her her own computer (i.e. when DOB upgrades his six-year-old desktop for one that takes less than ten minutes to boot, she’ll get that one, de-internetized), so that she can write on stories without booting me off.

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