Week 11

Year 1: CHOW, “Crown of Leaves”; PFN, “The Unknown Land”; PTTS, Ch. 9, BFB, “East of the Sun, West of the Moon”; Aesop: Frogs Who Wanted a King, Oak and Reeds. Math reviewing facts to 12.

Twins: Letter K; general play; reading “Twelve Days of Christmas’

We also started December memory work, which is naturally very Christmas-themed. It was a busy week, but we managed to stay on track. We played at Olympic events on Monday. On Wednesday we were visiting a park with friends that had a lovely view of the Olympic mountains. I pointed them out to Dot, who said, “Those are the Olympic Mountains, where the Olympic gods live!” So much for not being confused by hearing about pagan gods. (Well, I don’t think the older kids are confused, and as DOB observes, no one knows what counts as imagination and what as reality in Dot’s mind–she seems to occupy her own parallel universe.)

I’m still quite pleased at comprehension of “Parables from Nature.” I’m not sure they get all the allegories, but I don’t think that’s the point at this stage–just to let the story sink in. And the one about “The Unknown Land” had me in tears by the end.

I did not realize that Duchess was already quite familiar with “East of the Sun”–I tried to pick unfamiliar ones for readings, as I find familiar tales result in fuzzy narrations. But we did it a little more casually. It was on a long day, anyway.

We’re doing the math more slowly as we have one lesson to spread over two weeks. There’s also a lot of writing and fact review. Duchess is very solid on addition and needs only a little speed in subtraction. Deux could use a little speed in addition, too, though his comprehension is good and he can generally work out the answer from neighboring facts if he doesn’t know it. I found a resource I had forgotten, Professor Pig’s Magic Math which they are enjoying and will make a great supplement as we bridge the gap of knowing these facts cold and moving into two-digit operations. I plan to keep the pages handy over the break for when they want something to do.

Still no handcrafts. But we really are going to work on those over Christmas break, I hope!

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