Week 10

Year 1: CHOW, ch. 14 (Sparta); BBB, Ch. 10 (Redwing Blackbird and Flicker); PTTS, Ch. 8 (Lake Superior); JH, “Market Square Dog”; Aesop: Travelers and Purse, Lion and Ass. Math: operations and facts to 12; yards and feet, square yards and square feet.

Twins: “Over the River and Through the Woods”; “Aunt Pitty Patty’s Piggy”; “Mrs. Tittlemouse”; “Two Bad Mice”; building with Duplos; baking; watching turkeys; collecting leaves.

We finished in good time for a nice long Thanksgiving break. Duchess seemed really inspired to thought by the lesson about Sparta, especially the final story where the question of “knowing good” vs. “doing good” was brought up. Can you do good without knowing good? Were the Spartans’ goals really “good”? It was an intriguing lesson.

They also took a lot of interest in the bird lesson, coloring the picture accurately for the first time ever and looking up extra information online. Even with PTTS and Herriot–not usually their favorite books–they showed more interest and enjoyment. We played dominoes for math–Duchess kept the paper score, allowing her to work towards two-digit addition, while Deux added up his own dominoes. We also made strings one, two, three, and four yards in length and mapped out a square foot vs. a square yard.

For free reads and activities, they’ve checked out a pile of “how to draw” books. They’ve also gotten into the “Magic Treehouse” books, about which I have mixed feelings: hardly great literature, but they really do appreciate those easy reads right now. Deux is also reading Akimbo and the Snakes, which looks pretty good, and Duchess is reading some Edward Eager books. They still listen to and re-enact the Prydain Chronicles at every opportunity. Duchess is talking about a new play–to be done several years out. She had a brief part in the Thanksgiving service and it’s obvious she enjoys being onstage as well as writing and planning. Maybe next summer we can get her in a drama program.

Now we only have two weeks left in the term. I’m excited that we’ve kept at it so far. I’m still debating whether or not I want to do an exam week or just call it quits until after Christmas. The only thing I’m running seriously behind in is the art and music appreciation–I will have to keep those going through break, but no great burden there.

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