Weeks 9 and a half

Year 1: CHOW, Ch. 13: The People Who Made Our ABC’s. JSS, “How the Rhinoceros Got His Skin.” PTTS Ch. 7. BFB, “Aladdin and the Magic Lamp.” Twelfth Night.

Twins: Not much “academic”; I think we played ball, house, and cooking.

We decided to take a vacation over the Veterans Day weekend, so Week 9 got stretched a bit, but we should still finish Week 10 before Thanksgiving which leaves plenty of time to wind up the term before Christmas. And we had a great and undoubtedly educational time, seeing different regions, visiting nature centers and museums, and poring over maps.

Twelfth Night was a huge hit. I have caught both the kids reading it on their own. (Again, we used the Bruce Coville illustrated version.) They thought it was hilarious. Well, so were Aladdin and the Rhinoceros. It was a good week. Paddle is still not a favorite, but they are beginning to connect with it a bit more.

Math is going well. On top of our regular lessons, I gave them empty multiplication charts and they were entranced with puzzling out the whole thing. The Duchess exclaimed, “I love how in math there are so many cool patterns!” In the regular lessons we have nearly finished up to twelve, at which point there is a lot of review and consolidation before moving on into double-digit addition, more multiplication, etc.

We are reading Pinocchio for free read and my own selection The Phantom Tollbooth which we started on vacation.

The twins have been less interested in learning new letters–they may be at saturation point for now. We mostly play during their time.

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