Week 8

Year 1: CHOW, “The Kings of the Jews,” BBB, Goose and Loon; AIS, Albion and Brutus; JH, Blossom Comes Home, Aesop, “Gnat and Bull,” “Plane Tree.” Math: Combinations to 11.

Twins: Letter “H” is for House and Helicopter.

Although for the previous couple of weeks *somebody* was sick, this week *everybody* was sick. We didn’t do school at all Monday or Tuesday, so I just doubled up the readings on Thursday and Friday so that we would stay on track. Don’t know if that was the right decision or not; it’s still not really that much, but I do enjoy the more leisurely pace. However, I want us to have plenty of time off around Christmas (mostly so that I can plan the next term out as thoroughly as I did this one).

I have not done so well with dealing with the kids this week. Maybe it’s just the sickness and crankiness and extreme sleep-deprivation. OK, I hope that’s all it is. I’ve done a lot more yelling than I would like. (Not usually pertaining to school, but it does set the tone.) And with regard to school there was just a lot more squabbles over seats and crayons and all that irrelevant stuff. I hope we’re all sleeping better soon.

Last night the ducklings were dressing up as characters from A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Duchess as one of Titania’s attendants, Deux as Puck, and Dash as, in his words, “The guy who scares everybody” (Nick Bottom). Can’t wait to try Twelfth Night with them, although I forgot to reserve it at the library, so it may not get in until next week. (BTW, I’m annoyed to discover that our library apparently does not carry the movie version. Surely my aunt had a copy, and maybe my sister knows where it is.) I wish I knew of a good movie version to show them; I really wish I could take them now to the live performance DOB and I saw when they were toddlers, which was all done in a 40s movie theme and quite hilarious. Or it would be awesome if one of the local outdoor productions would do it next summer . . .

I was excited to finally get to British history (and with mermaids, no less), although it was somewhat overshadowed by the general ill humor, but I think they did enjoy it. The James Herriot books are still something we just do; they don’t actively dislike it, but they’re not very enthusiastic either. They seem to be warming up to the Burgess Bird Book, though. And we are loving watching the birds at our feeder.

We didn’t quite finish math for the week, but in general we’re keeping up. Deux worked out how to add things to 99 by making 100.

I’m not doing quite as much of the science lessons as I would like as such, but we do seem to weave past topics into our casual discussions pretty often.

We made it outside pretty much every day, notwithstanding the horrible colds. The weather has been mild and sunny for November. We even went to the park and prowled trails and picked huckleberries today.


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