Weeks 6 and 7

Week 6:

Year 1: CHOW, ch. 10: Fairy-Tale Gods; BBB, Ch. 32–The Towhee; PTTS, Ch. 5 (breakup of the river); JH, Bonny’s Big Day. Math–combinations to 9. Science–sound and vibrations

Twins: F for Flowers and Fire Engine;

Week 7:

Year 1: CHOW, Ch. 11: A Fairy-Tale War; A Midsummer Night’s Dream, by Bruce Coville; PTTS, Ch. 6 (sawmill); BFB, “Master Maid”; Aesop, Lion and Mouse, Ox and Wheels. Math: combinations to 10, Area War.

Twins: G for Grandma and Grandpa and Garbage Truck; pouring rice.

These past two weeks I feel like we’ve really started to hit a stride with school, notwithstanding plenty of sickness and disruption. They adore learning about Ancient Greece; they made paper dolls when we learned about the Greek gods and paper soldiers when we read about the Trojan War. Deux went on to read the whole easy-reader version of the Trojan War all by himself. The Duchess has been looking forward to A Midsummer Night’s Dream for weeks and we had fun acting it out.

The more repetitive parts of school are going smoother, too. Deux is gradually tackling more writing responsibility. He did his entire math worksheet on his own volition on Friday this week. We’re having him practice a few numbers along with his copywork so that he is more comfortable writing numbers. Duchess is chomping at the bit to write everything in cursive.

We made musical instruments from rubber bands. They had a lot of fun playing with these, but I wasn’t too pleased with the quality of discussion about it. Still, they seemed to understand quite readily how sound be made by vibrations and could move through the air like waves (Deux loves waves). This week we had a sunny enough day to trace their shadows and watch how they had changed after an hour. Again, the discussion was fairly limited, yet they do seem to be growing in understanding of the sun and earth’s movements. It’s funny to me how well the Stevenson poems connect with the science lessons. And there are many other connections. I have read people raving about all the connections present in Year 1 as written, but I’m seeing just as many (that I didn’t plan on) in Year 1 as modified–I think it would be true anytime you brought together full and rich materials.

We drew mushrooms in the backyard one day. The Duchess drew a Stellar’s Jay at the feeder. I switched our BBB reading to one about towhees, because they are frequent visitors. (Of course it’s the Eastern Towhee, not ours, but they were considered the same species until quite recently, so I imagine most of the habits described are the same). The bird feeder is getting to be quite the attraction. We are starting to get to know the different squirrrels that clean up underneath, too, and a rat. Although I’m hopeful that the jays are starting to deal with the rat.

Pouring rice with the twins was a mistake. I’m never going to get all the rice cleaned up. Yes, they loved it. I am a lousy preschool teacher.

We haven’t gone hiking in two weeks, on account of sickness. I miss it and we’re all starting to feel rather cooped up. I hope we’re done soon, but we seem to have strange things with no definite beginning or end. I hoped for awhile we might have chicken pox, but it proved not to be that, either.

The Duchess read Knight’s Castle (by Edward Eager) on her own, nearly straight through. She’s reading (or rereading) Little House in the Big Woods and the twins are having me read it aloud to them, too. Our free read right now is Pinnochio, and they are enjoying it quite a bit.

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