Week 5 in Review

Year 1: CHOW, “The Wandering Jews”; PFN, “Law of Authority,” PTTS, Ch. 4, “The Beaver Pond”; Just So, “How the Camel Got His Hump”; Aesop: “Fox and Grapes”; “Bundle of Sticks”.

Twins: “E is for Eggs/Excavator”; spooning glass gems; shape pattern cards.

Looking back on this week, I’m not sure how we got it all in. The last couple of weeks have been crazy, mostly with work-related things for both DOB and me. I’ve been exhausted and pretty demoralized. Nonetheless, we did do almost all of it (I don’t think we finished the second math page. But everything else.)

The schedule has been a little more relaxed. Several times I wound up doing the main reading with the big kids during the twins’ quiet time. (Not nap time any more, alas.) We did more handwriting (which the Duchess is really excited about, learning cursive) and less copywork. I let the big kids read other books during their free reading time, not just the ones I’ve chosen to go with the weeks’ studies. The main core is still there and helpful, though.

It was nice that this week was the history week summarizing the OT stories, as the familiar territory made for much easier reading than the earlier chapters. We still need to get timeline figures up, though.

We had a great hike through a canyon on Wednesday. The only downside was it was way too fun for the kids to stop and sketch anything. Maybe I need to schedule nature sketches separately. Our outside plan on days when we don’t have other outings planned and it’s too rainy to play much is to go on what Dot terms “an unvenshur” wandering around the streets near our house. They all love this and it gets us out. On Monday it poured rain and we spent a lot of time pondering the city sewer system.

The kids have really enjoyed the Mozart’s Magic Fantasy Cd, which I got to go along with the other Mozart pieces we are studying. Duchess plans to write a play based on it. DOB is not too thrilled that they are learning to like opera, and I still don’t even know the plot.

The older kids have been reading a lot from the old Golden Book Encyclopedias my sister brought over for them.

This week looks even crazier, as DOB has sprained his good ankle and can’t walk or drive. And I have another project in, not quite so short a time, but still extensive. And our regular babysitter is still sick.

I realized it has been a few weeks since we did a Spanish video, so I finally remembered to put on Salsa on Friday morning. It was nice after the long break we took watching Muzzy.

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