Week 1 in review

So far? I’m loving the schedule. We’ll see how long it takes me to be tired of being this organized. But so far, I find it moves everything along at a brisk but not rushed pace–things are the right size for their slots, I don’t push, the kids stay engaged, and we get DONE. That’s been especially valuable this week, as it’s been hot (OK, hot for Washington, i.e. 80 degrees, but we have no air conditioning!) and I have very little energy in the afternoon. If we weren’t already at a park, we spent most afternoons lying outside on a quilt, reading or sketching or playing Ninjatown.

But we did get out and about quite a bit this week. (Maybe a little too much, but time enough to be home and quiet once the rains start.) On Monday we met some friends at Point No Point lighthouse and had a lovely day at the beach. It seemed so cold and windy when we got there, but once we found a sheltered spot we all had a marvelous time, building with driftwood, digging in the sand, exploring the trails, and wading in the ocean. Tuesday was our usual outing day, except I left lunch on the kitchen table, so we split a small pizza at a cafe next to the library. Wednesday was the Woods Walk with some homeschool friends–this week we went swimming at Illahee State Park. It was almost completely deserted thanks to school being back in session, and an unbelievably beautiful day. Friday I had a work project to pick up, so we had lunch at Old Mill Park in Silverdale. Then in the evening DOB was playing in a Rotary baseball game, so we spent some time exploring around the field before a bathroom emergency took us home prematurely. And then today we went swimming at the YMCA because it was their between-program week and hardly anyone was using the pools.

Oh yeah, and we still stayed on track with the schoolwork. I told you the schedule was working! (We almost stayed on track with the housework until Friday got a little hairy–my laptop also died, and the project is due Monday, so emergency replacement laptop shopping and agonizing file retrieval got added to the to-do list.)

So far they seem to be enjoying everything fairly well. Of course the free reads from the Red Fairy Book are the most popular, but even the one I was most worried about, Parables From Nature, was well-received. They loved painting with watercolors best among the activities (naturally).

One thing I need to think through–it’s not going to work to do the math worksheets and play a math game on Thursdays. It’s just too much all together. I need to rearrange one or something. Of course, I also just found out that Life of Fred is getting an elementary series, which sorely tempts me. Probably for next year, though.

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