The End of April

OK, so I haven’t taken any notes the past two weeks. Umm . . . what we did . . .

We read some more. The Swiss Twins and Among the Meadow People. I bought a Nook last week, so it should be even easier to read online books! I found a book of Japanese Fairy Tales that should tie in nicely with my attempt to move us on to Asia.  I downloaded a bunch of other books: some resources for Math and Spanish (unfortunately these are just PDFs, so not as easy to use, but still OK), and I’ve started downloading the books I want to use from Ambleside Year 1, and, well, I could be linking all day . . .

We have some books on Japan from the library, too, but we still have Switzerland to finish up. Trouble is, Heidi had to go back to the library and we won’t get it back until Wednesday. Ah well, I don’t see any sense in being obsessive about tidy borders in our studies.

We had a lot of extra church services to attend during Holy Week, which were an education in themselves. The children were all baptized on Easter morning. It was beautiful.

After that, I declared spring break. We haven’t even had singing time. We did have a few stories, but not many. In its absence, D1 read straight through Pippi Longstocking and is starting in on the sequels; she has also persuaded D2 to read a few chapters. They’ve also started writing their own stories. And playing chess and Citadels. And listening to Robin Hood over and over while building with Legos. And playing outside just because it’s nice and they want to and not because I say it’s time to go out now.

It’s been good. But things are getting a bit ragged around the edges. So I think it’s time to get back to school, of sorts. We only have a few more weeks (not sure yet exactly how many) until we should be moving, but hopefully we can get in a little more school between now and then, because then I think it may be a few months.

I want to switch out our song from the contemplative “Were You There” to a suitable Easter song, probably “Christ the Lord is Risen Today” to sing through the Easter season. Actually it’s time to switch everything already–ack! I want to finish up the Swiss Twins, and Heidi. I have found an easy chapter book about knights that I’m hoping will help nudge D2 to the next level in his reading.

I’ve broached the idea of doing Charlotte Mason-style tests with the kids. They seemed interested. So I’m hoping to squeeze that in before we quite for the summer. My idea is to come up with a sheet of questions like this:

“Tell me your favorite story from Robin Hood.”
“Tell me all you know about William Tell or Joan of Arc.”
“Pretend you are going to visit a country in Europe. Tell me what you know about it and what you would like to see.”
“Pick 1: Tell me all you know about how a plant grows, or describe as much as you can about an animal you have watched.”
“Choose a poem (hymn, Bible passage, folksong, Spanish song) that we have learned and recite it for me.”
“Get the box of dominoes and I will ask you some number questions.”
“Let me ask you some questions in Spanish and you point to the answers.”
“Choose a book and copy a (word/sentence) out of it in your best handwriting.”

(Actually, that should probably do it.)

Each day they can each pick two to do with me and I will type them up and print out the results to put in their notebooks that we compile at the end of the year.  I think they will enjoy the process and it will provide a nice summary and something for us to look back on.

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