Carrying On

I’ve not been as diligent with my weekly updates or daily journal writing as I meant to be. The past two weeks have been adequate, but nothing outstanding. Or so it seems to me. I don’t know whether I’m getting too distracted by work and study or if it is just part of the natural ebb and flow of learning.

We had some nice weather in the middle of the month. On MLK day we went to the zoo with DOB and Wondergirl. They were most excited by the tigers–the local zoo has two Siberian tiger cubs which were fun to watch. I personally liked the gibbons the best. I also took them up to drop a file off at the office I’m doing some work for and we tried out a new library and park by the water.

They’ve been playing with some chalk Wondergirl gave them. (We really have had *very* nice weather for January–it’s been gray again, but still many dry and relatively warm days.) They had one glorious morning of digging and building roads in the dirt where His Majesty had cleared out around a tree. We even have had a couple of picnics.

In the evenings we are still reading Robin Hood. We outlined a play one day, but have not worked more on that. I would like to get back to that this week.

We finished The French Twins. D1 is doing better with narrating, and sometimes D2 will volunteer something. The effort is definitely increasing comprehension. We continue with The Family Under the Bridge. We read The Yellow House, about Vincent van Gogh and Paul Gauguin. We also read Cinderella and D1 did copywork out of it–straight out of the book.

D2 also did copywork onto paper this week. It is definitely more stressful for him because he cannot tolerate any error. The whiteboard has been a great bridge for him. But he managed it without too many meltdowns.

I don’t think there’s been as much use of the sketchbooks this week. I should look for some ways to re-spark that. (They did have a great time with the printed-out photos of their block towers, plus a few French landmarks.)

I’m not sure where we’ll proceed next–I’d still like to do a few more of our books on France, and then we may just gradually expand it to encompass all of Europe, especially through folk tales.

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