What We Did, Week of Dec. 11

Well, this week wasn’t QUITE as insane as the past few. Only one relapse of the stomach flu and a flood.

So here is our memory work for this month:

  • What Child is This?
  • Away in a Manger
  • Que Nino Es Este?
  • A Christmas Carol, by G. K. Chesterton
  • Luke 2:4-16

I had fond memories of the older two ducklings as toddlers singing “Away in a Manger” with the motions, but the twins just aren’t that interested. However, they latched on to the words of Chesterton’s poem, and go around muttering things like, “O weary, weary was the Mama.”

Our main reading has been The Nutcracker, Robin Hood, and The Phoenix and the Carpet. I got annoyed over the narration situation again when a friend stopped by before we were finished reading and D1 quickly and eagerly recounted all the previous chapters of The Nutcracker to him, whereas any narrations on command are brief and unenthusiastic. DOB and I have discussed this and I have some new ideas, which will probably merit another post.

We have done a lot of math this week, as detailed in the previous post. Toward the end of the week we did some pages from MEP math, I added in some of their oral work, and D2 arranged all the double-nine dominoes according to their sums, after which D1 got out their new notebooks from St. Nicholas and copied in all the sums to 9 in neat rows.

His Majesty has been cutting up the trees downed in the snowstorm, and the ducklings have helped me stack wood and haul brush. We noticed differences between the three types of trees that fell down and counted rings. We also had a cold but fun picnic at the waterfront park and watched a variety of seabirds and discussed their habits.

They watched episode 103 of the Salsa Spanish program. Trying to emphasize color words and a few basic furniture words, plus add in a few more sentence patterns.

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