Weekly Update: Week of November 7

So, THIS week:

We have very Thanksgiving-themed memory work for this month. The kids are excited about all of them. I worked on including more hand motions and general movement and it really helps. I think it will be especially helpful with the challenging Spanish song, as it helps them place what we are singing about.

Hymn: We Plow the Fields

Verses: Psalm 100

Folk Song: Over the River and Through the Woods

Spanish: Que Niño Es Este? (Beginning now to have learned by Christmas)

Poem (decided to add this element): “Of Crows and Jays,” by Beverly McLoughland, from a book of poems for the seasons.

We took a fabulous hike on Sunday (ok, it was a little much for DOB’s back, but the scenery was awesome). We’ve had some beautiful days this week–I guess making up for the summer that never seemed to come.

In the afternoon, the kids watched Donald in Mathemagic Land.

Monday it poured rain; we stayed inside and got ready to lay down carpet scraps on the floor to help DOB’s feet. Then I went and bought them in the afternoon and the older ducklings had a fabulous time helping me lay them.

Outside time is on average improving. The ducklings have accepted it as a part of the routine and are much faster at getting out there and have many more ideas of what to do when they are out there. They will even ask for a picnic lunch and on occasion protest when it’s time to come in.

On Wednesday we finally got to go necessity shopping, to the chiropractor and the library. Afterward we had our lunch at the waterfront park and watched the tide come in, nearly getting caught by it at the top. The big kids did some impressive feats of climbing on the rigging-style play equipment.

For books, we did “The Lion and the Mouse” from Aesop–D2 was very excited when we found an all-picture version (Jerry Pinkney, I think) at the library the next day. We are also reading The Hundred Dresses, which I would find unbearably preachy if it were anyone but Eleanor Estes writing it. But she’s sort of like the children’s Tolstoy–she sees so clearly into the thoughts of her characters that you feel as if she is reading your mind, and that makes it literature and not a sermon.

The older ducklings picked up all kinds of fairytales or mock-fairytales at the library, so we have been reading those. Snoring Beauty was one of the mock ones. The Gift of the Fish and Castle of the Cats were two with Russian/Eastern European settings. Night of the Goat Children was a fairy-tale like version of some real events. We read about “The Brave Men of Calais” in Stories from Long Ago.

After watching the tides come in, I wanted a demonstration of how the tides work, which led me to the Mathematica Demonstrations site, which led to trying out a lot of other cool demonstrations, including ones manipulating shapes and colors. And it says mathematics right there at the top, so it must all be educational, right?


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