Week of 9/25

This week the ducklings were more involved in their own projects, and I tried to forestall any protests by finding a way to label what they were up to as “school.” (They think it *most* unfair if we get through the end of a day at home without doing school.)

The main attraction was cutting, folding, drawing and doing almost anything else with paper. It started on Monday, which was Grandma’s birthday, D1 making a card to go with the sewing project she had already done, D2 determined to make a paper frog. We only had plain paper, so he colored it with elaborate abstract designs and then I helped him fold it.

After that I had to show them how to fold planes and boats and much more coloring ensued. And they had out all kinds of old calendars and magazines, cutting them up all week. D1 got books on interior design at the library and has been inspired to draw more abstract floral designs. They had the craft box out and threaded beads into bracelets and other items of mysterious purpose.

We also had another game of skip-counting, a really fun lesson on place value by drawing a street of houses on the sidewalk, and worked on telling time. I found a paper by D1 where she had worked out, correctly, the sum of all numbers from 1 to 10, done by adding various pairs at a time and then adding the results.

A did one spelling page on words ending in “ll” (looking back through my notebook, I see we’ve covered this ground before, but I think she’s ready to remember it this time).

Memory work continues the same; we’ll probably change after next week.

Picking berries and cooking them.

Books: Continue Aesop, Tales (Robin Hood–in preparation for watching *The Court Jester* this Sunday for D2’s birthday) Spiders, Charlotte’s Web, Winnie-the-Pooh. I picked up some books on Australia and read *The Biggest Frog in Australia* to the twins and D1 read *Lizzie Nonsense* (very sweet) to us. D2 is reading aloud to us from several easy readers: *Sam the Minuteman*, *Uncle Elephant* and two *Mr. Putter and Tabby*. D1 is still working on *The Marvelous Land of Oz*. She also picked up *Art Fraud Detective* from the library and we have had a lot of fun hunting for the changes in the pictures. And a sort of Oz sampler book she’s enjoyed browsing through.

Future Thoughts:

I want to pay more attention to the twins’ activities. Looking back to the beginning of this blog, I wrote down so many neat things the older kids did at this age. I also want to take more care to borrow books for them.

I wonder if I should include daily practice on letter formation. There are still a few lower-case letters even D1 is not comfortable forming. (She writes her “g” as a printed one.) On the other hand, they won’t like it and  neither will I.

I found an even better math game, thanks to Homeschoolmath.net. It’s called Save the Whale. I’m saving it for the next rainy afternoon.

This week is D2’s fifth birthday–which also turns out to be on the feast of St. Michael and All Angels (or Michaelmas). I’d like to bring that into the celebration somehow–I think he’d find it really neat.

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