Week of 9/18

We had to take an over-three hour trip on Monday this week, so we made that our day out and checked out some fun parks while in the area, one with a small stand of cedar, one with a peat lake. The older children are growing much more attentive and alert to natural objects; I really think taking a “science” approach and learning categories and analysis is helpful for them. The twins seem to more naturally just take it all in, but the older ducklings come at it from a more abstract, analytic angle.

Other activities:

Spanish coloring pages–la casa.

Math pages for D1–groups of 9. She also likes writing out her own equation, and knows the proper form for horizontal addition, although she still reverses a few numbers.

I almost forgot the major achievement of the week–D1 learned to tie her own shoes! In a single day! I’m very excited.

Listened to Seabird and drew whale pic. (D1)

Played 4-square–a surprise pick on D2’s part, as we played once as a family and he hated it.  He seems to be working on being more patient with physically challenging activity, for which I commend him heartily as it’s not his natural bent.

Skip-counted (literally)

Lesson B-2 in BFSU, on sorting into categories of Natural but Non-living; Living or Biological; Human-made. Had a hard time getting it started (turns out D1 hates completely open-ended things like “Go get 20 different items”) but once we got started had a very good discussion which continued over lunch and the next few days.

More connections on spiders: identifying based on body parts, location of legs; putting eight eyes on a spider puppet.

Learned to sew on buttons, started making puppets.

Great Word Race–it’s a fun game, and the word formation is fairly simple, but it’s way too long for school time. Need to find a way to shorten it up.

Went to the beach, watched crabs crawl under rocks and the buried shellfish bubble as the tide came back in.

AWANA started, so we have been practicing reading and reciting verses during our regular reading time, in addition to family memory work.

D1 received a weekly calendar-type book from my grandmother and has been using it as a daily journal; she’s been paying attention to her spelling in it, too.


Continuing with Wizard of Oz as a family; D2 has been trying to read it as well. He has read a Bob the Builder treasury all by himself.

D1 is toying with starting a couple of books, but not sure which. I think she read most or all of A Pilgrim Thanksgiving to DOB.

Other continuing: Aesop, Tales, Winnie the Pooh, Spiders, Charlotte’s Web.

Started on the D’Aulaire book of Greek Myths; they seem quite fascinated. They were especially eager to hear about Argus, who for some reason I had told them about before.

What’s Next

D1 asked what countries we would be studying next, so I decided to get books on Australia and the Pacific Islands. Hopefully some of the ones I found at the library will be worthwhile. They had a fun time looking over the globe, too.

I want to make time to continue work on the puppets.

Symmetry was an important concept in the living/non-living lesson (most living things have symmetry–of course, a few non-living things do, to, like crystals)–I’d like to incorporate that into an art lesson. I’d also like to do leaf rubbings; they’d enjoy that and it’s the right time of year.


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