Week of 9/11/10

Everyone was sick this week, taking it in turns to be up all night itching with a mysterious rash, plus gooky, sore eyes and all the usual cold symptoms. Not a fun week, but once again plugging away with school was easier than the alternative, although we did concede to a couple of Richard Scarry and Bob the Builder videos over the weekend. The big kids also watched the Abbot and Costello Jack and the Beanstalk with DOB.

Memory: Same as last week.


  • D1 did some copywork; illustrated Bible story and practiced her handwriting. She also wrote her own praise song.
  • D2 finished sewing a sleeping bag for his stuffed bear.
  • We listened to another chapter of Seabird; D1 colored a picture and D2 pored over the diagrams in the text showing how the bird was assembled.
  • Played Scrabble for Juniors
  • Did a picture study from a book of Art History; just picked an Adoration of the Magi with lots of colorful robes and enjoyed looking at it with them.
  • Taught them how to give each other and me back rubs. (The twins went for this, too.)
  • D2 designed his own experience of soaking cardboard and leaving it to dry; he was intrigued to find the layers came apart
  • Started teaching them how to score a cribbage hand. (Focus on addition combinations.)
  • Various free play: glass gems, craft box, etc.
  • Picked berries, watched spiders, saw baby calves and chicks at the farm, discussed features of various animals.
  • Colored a Spanish coloring page, with numbers, colors, and “el oso.” Read the first few pages of “Los Tres Osos” and talked about the different words.
  • Reviewed art elements from Drawing with Children; did another freehand drawing and copied simple drawings.


  • D1 finished reading Wizard of Oz on her own. We’re still working through it slowly as a family, but bedtimes were disrupted this week.
  • They read poems to me, from V is for Verses and we read “My Aged Uncle Arly” by Edward Lear in turns.
  • Aesop with narration
  • “Androcles and the Lion” from Tales from Long Ago. Tried to get narration but didn’t get much response, despite considerable interest in the story.
  • Math-terpieces and One More Bunny are two books on addition we enjoyed reading and puzzling over together. For the twins I got Mouse Count, which they loved.
  • Started on Spiders by Seymour Simon, a few pages at a time.
  • More of Charlotte’s Web. (Really quite a lot of accurate information about spiders in there; it resonates well with the factual spider book.)
  • Skipped the Launcelot/Elaine/Guinevere/Arthur quadrangle and read instead about Sir Percival from Swords and Sorcerors. Very nice.
  • Discussed fiction, non-fiction, good and bad elements of different plots, and what we like or don’t like in a story. D2 insisted that Sound of Music didn’t have a story in it–sooner or later he’ll learn to appreciate that movie. 😛

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