Money Talks

Tomorrow there’s a used curriculum sale nearby, and I’m going and taking the older ducklings. (We’ll be riding with my sister, who’s going to have a table.) So tonight, in preparation, I had the kids dump out their banks and trade in the pennies for more portable cash.

When D2, after muddling around with wanting to take this pile of coins or maybe that pile of coins finally asked to exchange the dime for pennies so he would have more, I realized he still was quite a ways from understanding how money worked. (But resisted the urge to read him the Shel Silverstein poem.)

DOB suggested I print him out a chart that showed how the different coins made a dollar. Surprisingly, I could find nothing of the kind online, so I finally made my own. The graphics are quick and dirty, but it lays it out pretty clearly. He then took a Matchbox car as an illustration: if you took 1 dollar, or 2 half dollars, or 4 quarters, or 10 dimes, or 20 nickels, or 100 pennies to the store–each group would be worth the same as 1 matchbox car. I don’t know how well the lesson sunk in, but hopefully we’ll get lots more practice and reinforcement tomorrow.

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