Sewing Lessons

Handcrafts are not something I particularly enjoy, so they are probably near the bottom of my list of Things Charlotte Mason Says to Do That I’ll Get Around to Someday. However, thanks to a link from Dewey’s Treehouse, I was inspired by this simple introduction to embroidery for older preschoolers. It uses cheap shelf liner (the more expensive stuff doesn’t have enough holes), yarn, and embroidery needles.

I tried it on a rainy day with D1 and D2 and they were both enthralled. I love how flexible it is–you don’t need a pattern, just freehand draw a simple shape with a sharpie marker. D1 took huge stitches and was done quickly while D2 was more painstaking. They are both eagerly talking about what they’ll do next. I’m going to see if I can introduce a few more basic stitches, and then move D1, at least, on to simple sewing, something she’s already eagerly talking about.

2 thoughts on “Sewing Lessons

  1. What a great idea! I’m like you–I drag my feet on crafts and projects, but this looks like something I might even do! WOO HOOO! A win for a rainy day. thanks for sharing.

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