What We Did, February-March 2010

Time has been marching on in spite of me again. Somehow February and March have passed while I have been occupied with preparations for and recovery from the bar and looking for work—for myself and DOB. Fortunately neither my state nor my educational philosophy require me to be doing anything structured with the ducklings for some time to come. They are learning and growing, and for now, that is quite enough.

And they are learning plenty. D2 has joined D1 as a fully-fledged reader and they both spend a couple of hours most days reading to themselves or each other. I should probably intervene a bit more and make sure they aren’t making up too many words, but over time they are usually self-correcting. They’ve also discovered the fun of spelling words out so the twins can’t understand them. This has finally led them to using letter names instead of sounds when discussing words, something I’ve been wanting them to work on for some time.

We’ve had some interesting mathematical discussions, especially regarding larger numbers. Bible story time continues to work well at breakfast, and sometimes D1 will draw a picture of the day’s story. Now that they are reading so much to themselves, I do less random-choice reading time to them, and focus more on a few ongoing books. Right now these are:
The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle (We finished The Story of Doctor Dolittle and they were eager for more. There’s really a wealth of information and ideas in this book. I think The Voyage would have been too slow for them if they were not already enamored by the first book, but they have not complained so far.)
 Tales from Far and Near (Picked up from my sister’s as-yet-unbirthed homeschool library—it says Calvert on the back, but I don’t know what it’s used for. It’s a collection of famous stories/legends—Romulus and Remus, William Tell, etc.—that they have been enjoying.)
When We Were Very Young/Now We Are Six. I try to mix up between them picking (and thus an endless round of “James James Morrison Morrison” and “King John was not a good man”) and me picking new ones.
Celebrate the 50 States. Not literary at all, but they are very interested in the states and it was the best I could find.
Right now we’re also reading Two in the Wilderness, an account of a mother/daughter hike through the Adirondack Mountains. I’m trying to focus reads on North America right now, although Doctor Dolittle has had us in England, Africa, and we’re about to head off to Brazil.

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