What We Did, January 2010

A few stories from the New Testament–I feel like I have totally fallen off the wagon with regard to Bible stories. Between twins always intruding, moving, and the general disruption of life I just don’t have a satisfactory plan right now. Since we’ve been attending an Anglican church I’ve been trying to at least go over the passage that will be covered in church on the following Sunday, but even that has been spotty.

Revive us Again (from the AO rotation)–posting this on the fridge has made it easy to sing when the babies need rocked, so we have learned this one pretty well.

Psalm 19; the older two have also started attending AWANA and D1 especially listens to her book on CD and has learned a few extra verses that way.

Project Work
I thought we were near the end of outer space studies at the end of December, but we’ve done quite a bit more. We created a scale model of the distances in the solar system using balls outside. (Actually we gave up at Saturn, since Uranus and Neptune would have taken us across the road.) They each made books about outer space. They watched a couple Moody Science videos on outer space and drew pictures to go along with one of them. We’ve discussed gravity and its absence in outer space. I don’t really know yet if we’re at the end or not–nothing new has come along yet, so we shall see.

Peter and the Wolf
The Story of Babar
The Travels of Babar
Babar the King (They love Babar. Personally, I think the plots are rather weird.)
My Father’s Dragon
Saint George and the Dragon
Destination: Jupiter, Saturn by Seymour Simon: Nice works on the giant planets with beautiful photographs.
A House is a House for Me
Floating in Space, Franklyn Branley: This "Let’s Read and Find Out" science book was really enjoyable; it discusses the effects of gravity and life in a space shuttle.
If You Decide to Go to the Moon
I Believe: The Nicene Creed, illustrated by Pauline Baynes: Done by the illustrator of *The Chronicles of Narnia*, this is a beautiful book that gave us good occasion to discuss the truths behind what we recite in church every week. Highly recommended for anyone who recites the creed regularly or studying early church history.

D1’s spelling and writing abilities have really improved: She is starting to add a silent "e" at the end of words, she knows "oy" and "oo"; she is starting to notice capitals and punctuation, especially when she copies. She leaves space between her words and is reversing fewer letters. She read some stories from "Frog and Toad All Year," "Green Eggs and Ham" and many other books, especially to the twins.

D2 can form all the letters (although some incorrectly) and is sounding out more and more complicated words, including multi-syllable words. With some help, he read "My Car" by Byron Barton.

They worked on 100 charts; D1 was able to fill the whole thing in correctly with no help. D2 understood, but lost interest in writing. They’ve been tracking the weather on calendars and paying attention to the date. They’ve played with Cuisenaire rods–D2 was especially interested in games where he had to guess a hidden rod based on clues.

They’re both fascinated with drawing mazes and maps.

They’ve started climbing trees and done a lot of work helping out on the farm.

D3 and D4 have really discovered books and it’s fun to have the older kids read to them. The only thing D4 likes almost as much as going to the farm is reading about cars.

We’ll probably be spending more time outside and away this month, trying to keep the house quiet so DOB can study for the bar.

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