A few things

Well, the posts have been infrequent and the learning unconventional, but we have certainly been busy.

We’ve driven across the country, learned the basics of reading maps, seen mountains and rivers and prairies.

We’ve met new people and slept in new places. Hiked through the woods, scaled cliffs, thrown rocks, watched seagulls and bison and geysers.

We’ve eaten home-grown food and picked our own berries. D3 is pretty convinced the world is a smorgasbord just waiting for her.

We’ve been reading *Little House on the Prairie* through all of this and felt much in common with the Ingalls’ journey.

This week things are starting to settle down a bit. We got our library card today. D1 wanted to check out some books she could read, and we were excited to see this library has a full collection of Bob Books. I found several of the next level up, and was pleased to discover when we got home that she can now read books made up primarily of three-letter words with ease and only a little help on sight words and very similar words. (When we left Ohio, these were still quite a challenge.) D2 wanted to try, too, of course, but mostly was content just to repeat the sentence after hearing it. He can sound out a few short words, though.

Last week my dad picked up a baby-weighing scale at the thrift store. He had no plans for it, just couldn’t resist the bargain. The kids had fun weighing themselves (it goes up just high enough to register D1.) Today D1 and D2 started weighing stacks of books, adding more and more books and watching the weight go higher and higher.

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