What We Did, August and September 2009

Despite my best efforts to dodge doing school, the ducklings have insisted upon it most days they are here. (They are still spending Tuesdays at Grandma’s until we depart.)

We’ve done some pages of words with a common sound or rhyming words, making a list, then a silly sentence and an illustration. D1 wanted to do ones with "th" one day, so that led us into digraphs. She is comfortable reading all the first set of Bob books (which is good, because they had to go back to the library) and made some of her own books copying words and illustrations from a board book. D2 can write his own name now and has tried sounding out short words.

In math, we talked about "5" families one day and found all the ways to combine and make five. We’ve played math games–"Go Fish" with numbers adding to five and then "War" with just adding whatever cards turned up.

We did a couple of days studying road signs, drawing different signs and learning what words were on them. We talked a bit about the color code.

They wanted stories from far away one day, so I told them about William Tell and the Little Dutch Boy; I wish I could have remembered more. The next day I told them how the secret of silk was smuggled out of China.

One sunny morning we marked our shadows at different times and watched how they changed through the morning, predicting how they would progress through the afternoon. We’ve done a lot of chalk drawing in general, too. They love drawing houses with stairs and chimneys and furniture.

We’ve read about Lewis and Clark again, and some chapters in Winnie the Pooh, and some Beatrix Potter and *The Sleeping Beauty* and a treasury of all McCloskey’s picture books.

Next we’re getting some books on China from the library, although it doesn’t seem quite the thing when we’re about to cross the west, but they wanted "far away."

The little ones are both walking very well now and starting to put two words together. Both of their first sentences were quite characteristic. D3: "More bite!" D4: "Out door!" Their eagerness for the out-of-doors drags us outside for a good part of their waking hours, plus the need to be out of the house for showings. We’ve been visiting our favorite parks one last time.

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