What We Did: July 2009

Well, with typical abruptness, immediately after I wrote last month’s summary of our first week of school, DOB and I decided to sell everything, quit his job, and move out west. (Well, just about.)

So that sort of put formal school on hold for a bit. Instead, we’re doing a massive family project on moving, the frontier, and anything else that fits in. Plus they’re continuing their own independent investigations. D2 has started copying and writing letters. I haven’t seen him write his own name yet, but he wrote his cousin’s name (well, all the straight letters) from dictation.

D1 counted up to 199 for DOB, and then DOB showed her about place value and numbers up to 1000. She copied out all the months of the year one afternoon. She still will "read" books some, mostly reciting but occasionally really reading words. Sometimes she asks to read to me.

They both have done quite a bit of coloring, drawing, painting, and stamping.

We’ve been reading books about the pioneers. Two favorites are Apples to Oregon, a tall tale about the Oregon trail, and How We Crossed the West: The Adventures of Lewis and Clark, with beautiful illustrations and excerpts from actual journals. I’m working up things to take on the journey, like bingo cards and coloring pages for each state.

One thought on “What We Did: July 2009

  1. Wow! What an adventure, with the abrupt move!

    We love the frontier books you are enjoying! Apples to Oregon was a favorite as was How We Crossed the West!

    Saying a prayer for you as you pack and move! How exciting, and probably a bit nerve wracking all at the same time. (At least I tend to feel a blend of those emotions with a move.)

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