Saint George and the Dragon

DOB has recently discovered the world of LEGO trading (and also come to admit that he still loves LEGO as much or more as he did twenty years ago) and acquired a huge castle set with a dragon and a knight on horseback. The older ducklings delighted to watch him assemble this castle. D2 dug out a plastic sword and shield I picked up off Halloween clearance two years ago and was ready to face the dragon.

Naturally this called for a book, and I already knew what one to get: Saint George and the Dragon, by Margaret Hodges. It’s really meant for somewhat older children–Ambleside has it scheduled in Year One–but I knew it was the right call as soon as I brought it home. They had figured out the story by poring over the illustrations before I even began to read it to them. D2 of course was the knight, and D1 the lady. We had considerable discussion over who would be the horses, the dwarf, and the lamb. I volunteered for the dragon; I’m noted for my ability to die dramatically.

We still haven’t finished it, as we have been reading only a couple of pages a day. But it’s been great fun to read. I’m wondering if I should suggest the possibility of making a dragon mask or head to lend a more realistic touch.

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