Curious George and Puppets, 3

 We used our puppets for a puppet show Friday night. (Actually a week ago Friday, now, but it’s been a busy week.) We rigged up an impromptu puppet stage with a tension rod and a blanket. (This took paint off the doorway.) The puppets had some trouble with shedding glued-on parts; I think we need to find a better way to attach things.

The ducklings asked the grownups to go first, so we improvised something involving a lot of screaming, puppet angst over not really being lions and bears, and explaining why one puppet was missing an eye. When the ducklings took their turn, they mostly copied us and knocked the puppet stage down.

Since then puppets have been shoved aside for Thanksgiving preparations, but D2 especially has expressed interest in making more puppets. I have some library books on making puppets I will pull out to see if the interest is sparked again when the Thanksgiving rush is over.

Curious George continues to be popular in general; they found a counting book (up to 100) which they demand everyone who walks into the house to read and also the alphabet one.

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