Curious George and Puppets

D1 has mentioned Curious George’s puppet show several times since we got the book Curious George Goes to the Hospital. On Saturday morning, while we were out shopping, they apparently improvised puppets from socks and did a puppet show with the baby sitter. They kept talking about them.

I asked D1 if she would like to make puppets, and she agreed. I suggested she could draw what she wanted her puppets to look like. She got several small stuffed animals and traced around their shapes, then adding details for the kind of puppets she wanted.

Then I was searching online for ideas on making puppets (it was clear that she expected her hand to go inside, so stick puppets were out) and came across a very simple outline for a puppet shape. She immediately wanted it printed out and colored. About this point D2 woke up from his nap and wanted one, too, although he flipped out at even the slightest hint of suggestion as to what he could do with it. ("I will not make it look like ANY ANIMAL!!!!!")

D1 colored hers an assortment of colors and added a mane, saying it was a lion. D2 of course then wound up coloring a lion, too. I said while they were gone on Tuesday I would try to sew up some puppet shapes that they can then decorate (it’s gotten cold and we will probably be inside a lot more this week.) We’ll see how this goes–I’m still not sure how well I’m going to be able to extend a project long-term. I’m too eager to move on to new things.

We keep coming around to lions, too. Not only did they both color lion puppets, but they watched the lion videos again while D2 was having his hair cut and then played lions drinking from the water hole outside. Their desire to be lion hunters has been stymied by a lack of volunteering giraffes.

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