What We Did, October 1-November 3

Bible: King David, King Solomon, Elijah

Memory: Psalm 1, review of books of Bible learned so far, started Psalm 100.

Hymn: "Now Thank We All Our God," then we switched to "We Plow The Fields and Scatter" which was more fun and tied in more to our gardening.

Poetry: Just some random different reads, Mother Goose, etc.

We went on a circus kick
Peter Spier’s Circus: DOB thinks this is one of the most fascinating books ever, and the ducklings seem to agree. What goes on in the big ring and behind the scenes, start to finish, in a circus.
If I Ran the Circus, by Dr. Seuss: But of course.
To the Big Top, by Jill Esbaum: This gave us the flavor of the circus from the viewer’s side, instead of the performer’s. I found the overuse of vintage sayings a little tiresome, but on the whole it was a pretty good read.
Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert: Fascinating artwork and inspiration for some of our own.
Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle, by Betsy MacDonald: Our first chapter book! I thought this would be a good place to start, since the chapters stand alone rather than having a complex plot. They thought it was hilarious.
Little House in the Big Woods, by Laura Ingalls: When we started this I thought–this will never work. It’s mostly about 19th-century food preservation techniques. They love it. They love to find out how things are done. The only thing that could make it more fascinating would be if she described the outhouse in detail. D1 likes to play she is Mary (being the oldest) but D2 refuses to be Laura. I’d better get to Farmer Boy soon.
Curious George Flies a Kite, Curious George Takes a Job, by Margaret and H. A. Rey. I’ve decided to give up fighting Curious George and instead milk it.
The Contest Between the Sun and the Wind, Heather Forest. This has really weird illustrations, and the retelling is not my favorite, but D2 latched onto it and so we have read it several times.

Digging up the backyard and building garden beds. This has been my project, but they have really enjoyed it. They like to play the trenches are their houses or try to walk down the narrower ones.
Making a "Leaf Man" from gathered leaves and sticks. (The perfect art activity! No supplies, no mess, no cleanup, no storage.)
Planting garlic
Organizing the basement
Dressing up as the Cat-in-the-Hat characters.
Looking up jungle animal pictures online and finding one that looked like Curious George; creating a powerpoint slide about it.

D1 continues to work very hard on writing. She can almost write the entire alphabet in order–she still has trouble with J, K, N, and Z. She writes everyone’s name and is beginning to sound out other words. She wrote a long letter to D2 and told me what it said. I need to make her some small books and get out lined paper for her to have another variation. I also need to organize the supplies so it’s more accessible and give her a place to keep her papers so there is a defined limit. She draws more houses and people and also lovely geometric designs.
D1 also has striking insights on math and spacial relationships. She observes things like, "Half of the family are dressed." We then had an interesting time arranging pieces of apple and glass gems at breakfast in halves and thirds.
D2 is enjoying block construction even more and can get very absorbed in it; he made a bed and jungle trees.
D2 can draw some basic shapes and combines them into lovely designs.
D2 also asked to learn to crack eggs. We’re still working on it. They both have helped more in the kitchen; I have split up the chores so I can work with them more one-on-one and attitudes and skills are gradually improving.

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