What We Did, September 3-30

Bible: Joshua, Judges, now working through I Samuel up to David and Saul.

Memory: Psalm 1, Books of Moses, History, Poetry.

Hymn: The Bible Stands, but it hasn’t gone over very well and I’m not too excited about it. I may move on to a Thanksgiving selection.

Poetry: Halfway Down, by A. A. Milne. Now it’s caught on. We’ve also read a few other poems here and there, especially ones about pirates, and Edward Lear’s "Pelican Chorus," and I think Mother Goose has been out a time or two.

Doctor De Soto, by William Steig. Continuing on the doctor theme. It took them awhile to get this one, but they did eventually catch on.

The Tale of the Flopsy Bunnies, Beatrix Potter (a few others earlier in the month, too, I think)

Peter Spier’s Fast-Slow, High-Low: Not a story, but a lot of fun to look through and discuss.

Rooster’s Off to See the World, Eric Carle. Also several Eric Carle matching books.

Two of Everything, Lily Toy Hong. Not a profound folk tale, just a fun little story. This one had them running around yelling "humble little hut," and "bamboo furniture."

Put Me in the Zoo, by Robert Lopshire. The guy with spots.

Animals Born Alive and Well, by Ruth Heller. A rather cool, if rhyming, book about mammals. We had a good discussion off of this one.

And some old favorites: Curious George, Henry the Explorer, A Birthday for Frances, Boats on the River (Which has spawned a forbidden game of pretending one is the river coming down from the mountains to the sea–by leaping off the back of the couch.)

Watching our wedding video, which triggered a little discussion on family history. (Also much excitement over getting to watch a real movie at last!)
Drawing around themselves and then adding clothes and faces–we did this out on the driveway with chalk, which both allows for much more numerous tracings and eliminates the need for storage. Far superior to butcher paper.
We had a windstorm and resulting 37-hour power outage, which resulted in a lot of play with flashlights and some basic instruction in fire safety.
Building houses with the downed limbs from the storm
Dressing up as pirates and going on a treasure hunt (done with photos of different locations around the house.)
Watercolors, especially with D1.
Snakes and Ladders
Picture sorting with D2.
Visited Eden Park, overlooking the Ohio River. We watched barges and riverboats; they climbed a hill in the woods with Papa, and we fed the ducks.
Acting out "The Three Billy Goats Gruff" with an old board propped up outside.

D1 has started painting recognizable objects, such as flowers, even copying a vine with flowers I had painted. She is also coloring and painting designs of different shapes: small squares within larger squares, for example.
D1 continues to copy letters. She got out the Eric Carle matching books (one word per page) and copied numerous words out of them.
We had one lesson in word-building with the magnets one afternoon. She is getting closer to grasping word-blending but still isn’t ready to make the leap yet. D2 is quite good at picking sounds out of words.
D2 is making solid improvement in governing his tendency to melt down over small difficulties and ask for help instead. D1 is doing well at obeying instructions (at least ones having to do with doing helpful jobs) with a cheerful, "Yes, Mama."
D2 can handle climbing on bars well. He is doing fairly well at dressing himself when I am feeling up to requiring him to do it or when he forgets that he wants help.
When playing Snakes and Ladders, D1 was making observations on how many she would have had to have rolled to land on a different square.

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