What We Did, August 21-September 2

Bible: Finished the Law, moved into Joshua.

Memory: Psalm 1; Books of the Law and History. (They love the song that goes with those.)

Hymn: The Bible Stands

Poetry: Halfway Down, by A. A. Milne (But we haven’t done it much. Our review of these has not been very organized the past couple of weeks.)

Song: Skip to My Lou. (Woohoo! Dancing! I got a book of dancing games. We’ll see if I can learn a few and which ones are appropriate for only two children.)

Richard Scarry’s Please and Thank You Book. I forget what particular offense triggered it, but I got on a bit of a good manners kick. This has some very well-received stories in it, and helpful lessons beyond mere table manners.
What Do You Say Dear? What Do You Do Dear?, by Sesyle Joslin. My favorite manners books ever. Just so you know what to do if you ever meet a baby elephant.
Doctor Ted, Andrea Beaty. If you have small children who like to pretend, you will love this book. And so will they. "You have gingivitis. You need a full-body cast." (Alas, there doesn’t seem to be a sequel–at least not yet.)
A Trip to the Doctor, A Trip to the Dentist, by Margot Linn. We did both during the past two weeks, so I got some books to go along with it. Now, of course, they are playing doctor and dentist, too.
Each Peach Pear Plum, Janet and Allen Allberg. I had no idea what this book was, and I’m afraid half the characters are still unfamiliar to them, but they still love it. D1 likes to "read" it to the babies.

Went to the park–all by ourselves! That was more of a milestone for me than for them. D2 made it to the potty twice while we were there, despite having to wait for a break in the nursing.
Visited the doctor and the dentist.
D1 helped me bake cookies and then we all had a tea party, with some emphasis on good manners.
I gave them some extra envelopes and boxes so that they could play "mail," which they have been doing quite a bit.
Went to a family gathering for Labor Day; they spent the whole time in the sandbox. We really should get them a sandbox. I’d have to spend a lot of time brushing sand out of their hair, but it might be easier than scraping mud off their legs.

Just when I was getting ready to post that it was pointless to teach the sounds of the letters first as D2 was simply learning them as arbitrary names, he figured it out. One evening at the supper table he said, "Hey, ‘p’-‘papa,’ ‘p’-‘person’." Since then he’s been going around spouting beginning sounds as well as making up rhyming sentences: "I saw some chalk and it could walk." He likes to play a game where I’ll tell him something like, "There are three things that begin with /k/ on the table," and he’ll spot, "c-cucumber, c-carrot, c-cutting board." D1 plays, too.
D1 continues with copying letters and learning to spell words, though she still doesn’t quite hear the blend of the whole word. She copied the brand name off the shoebox they were playing "mail" with several times.
D1 can skip.
D2 likes to climb on things and stand on the edges

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