What We Did, July 2008

Bible: Jacob and Esau through the Israelites in the wilderness. My Bible plan for the year is working great–I’m glad I took the time to break it down week by week, and it’s been easy to adapt on the fly if we can’t do all four stories in a week. We have continuity, but we’re also moving along and not getting bogged down.

Hymn: "Savior, Like a Shepherd Lead Us"

  Psalm 23

Poetry: "Little," by Dorothy Aldis (About a new baby)

The Duchess Bakes a Cake, by Virginia Kahl. This has grown from a passing interest to an obsession. In fact, they both can recite nearly the entire book verbatim, including the list of all thirteen children’s names, right down to baby Gunhilde.
Bored–Nothing to Do! by Peter Spier. How they can build an airplane, fly it, clean it all up and still get sent to bed early always mystifies me, but the ducklings are not concerned about such details.
Rachel and Obadiah by Brinton Turkle. I always loved the Obadiah books, and now D1 does, too. Lovely stories about very real children in old Nantucket.
Samuel Eaton’s Day, by Kate Waters. We have been looking at books about "a long time ago" (early America). This is a great series with photos from Plymouth Plantation. I appreciate Samuel’s eagerness to work hard with the men.
1001 Things to Spot On the Farm and Long Ago, from Usborne. These play right into their current counting obsession, and keep D2 very happily occupied on the potty.
Ten Apples Up On Top, by Dr. Seuss. More counting! In fact, on the last page you can count up to 120 by ones or by tens.
Little Black Sambo, by Helen Bannerman. Well, it is a great story, despite the character names. This is another one that has been memorized.

Wading pool
D1 spent one blissful night at VBS; D2 very politely asked to come home instead. He’s not too thrilled with crowds.
They each have spent one morning at the office with DOB, in addition to their usual trips with him to the grocery store and the library. Also they are going once a month to the bank and D1 gets to help withdraw her allowance (in pennies) and then she and DOB work together to divide it in the appropriate categories.
Drew road signs on the driveway and rode bikes.
I let them each type a little: D1 and I sounded out family names, D2 and I looked for individual letters.
Made a "lovely light luscious delectable cake" just like the Duchess. We decided a hummingbird cake would be the best approximation.

D2 is making considerable progress with potty training and mostly enjoying it. It is so much easier to work with an almost 3-year-old.
Both the big kids are doing a great job with chores: clearing and setting the table, unloading the dishwasher, helping with the babies, cleaning up their room regularly (after some help from Wondergirl to get it better organized). D1 is learning how to rinse and stack the dishes after breakfast so that I will be able to load them later. She also had a lesson in sweeping.
They have a new bed with a ladder, and they are both navigating it well.
They have memorized the first part of their address.
The babies are eating well, sleeping tolerably well, and D4 astonished us and horrified himself by rolling over three times.

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