What We Did, June 2008

Bible: Genesis 1-24 (Creation through Isaac). So far we’ve kept on track with my Bible reading schedule and it’s been working well.

Hymn: Savior, Like a Shepherd Lead Us

Nothing, except reciting the Lord’s Prayer every day at breakfast.

Poetry: Nothing consistent, but some from different books.

Stories: The Three Billy Goats Gruff, by Tim Arnold. Ad infinitum.

Tool Box, by Gail Gibbons. Just a nice little book about tools and what they do.

On the Go, by Ann Morris. Lots of pictures about how different people travel in different places.

Can You Find It Inside? from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I must lodge my usual protest against the compulsion to write children’s books in tacky couplets. But I love the paintings chosen for this book. Some of them are downright funny, like the father horrified at the price tag for his daughter’s new bonnet.

Olly and Me, by Shirley Hughes. Of course we love anything with these two. Surprisingly, it’s a collection of free verse poems and the kindergarten version of first-person essays, a different topic on each page, which makes a nice change from a standard storybook.

Big Like Me, by Anna Grossnickle Hines. We all enjoyed this depiction of the big brother showing his baby sister new things as she grows up from a newborn to a toddler. Now if we just could get these babies born to practice on . . .

The Duchess Bakes a Cake, by Virginia Kahl. OK, so this is one of those books that silly rhyming couplets belong in. Because it is very, very silly. D1 enjoys it very much.

Petunia the Silly Goose Stories, by Roger Duvoisin. On the upper edge of their attention span and written with pretty obvious morals, but still quite fun.

Birthday party for D1, who is now officially 4. (And going to be 5 next June.)
Swimming in the backyard.
Waiting for babies to be born.
Blowing bubbles and drinking through straws. (Combination of fun and speech therapy, which is hardly necessary but Grandma is a speech therapist and worries about them setting good models for the twins.)
Gluing and decorating foam dolls. I was surprised how much they enjoyed this; they both worked more than an hour without a whimper of frustration, which I usually expect with any sort of art materials, including crayons and playdough.
Visited Parky’s Farm and watched the animals.
Trips to the grocery store and the library.
Acting out The Three Billy Goats Gruff.

According to Grandma, D2 is making some progress with potty training, but we have not yet tried to translate it to home.
They both enjoy big numbers (20-99) even though they are not always entirely clear on how to get there.
They have been helping more than ever with the household chores. D1 often sets the table without even being asked and D2 is learning how to sort the silverware into the drawer.
D1 can stand on one leg without support and is getting better at jumping with both feet simultaneously.

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