What We Did: April 2008

Bible: Working through Acts, very slowly. Pentecost, Stephen, Saul’s conversion, etc.

Hymn: We’ve been trying to do "This is My Father’s World," but not very consistently. I’m too tired to sing during our usual story time.

Memory Work: Bible ABC book, starting letter H, "He maketh me to lie down in green pastures, He restoreth my soul."

Poetry: The Mother Goose books have resurfaced and they have been enjoying them. D1 gets the full-size one and D2 the board book and they hunt through for matching pages.

Pelle’s New Suit, Elsa Beskow
Make Way for Ducklings, Robert McCloskey
Reprise from last spring, but definitely worthy of being re-read every spring. Many times.
Who is in the Garden? Vera Rosenberry
Jack’s Garden, Henry Cole: We did these last spring, too, but this spring they really got into it, especially D2. I think it’s helping us open our eyes to the things we can see in our garden.
The Tale of the Little, Little Old Woman, Elsa Beskow: The same story as the Wee Little Woman by Byron Barton book that we have gotten in the past. I like the pictures better in this version, but the ending of the story better in Barton’s. A fun, brief folk tale good for very young children either way.
The Pea Blossom, Amy Lowry Poole: Adapted from Hans Christian Andersen. Love the illustrations, and it’s a great story as well.

Playing in the mud, playing with the rocks, playing in the pool. Digging, throwing, climbing, pushing, pulling, riding.
A little bit of planting and weeding.
We met a neighbor who grows all sorts of different things; we look forward to visiting his yard throughout the summer (and gratefully accept his surplus plants!)
Watching worms, birds, cats, rabbits. D2 had a little apprehension about birds on the ground in the yard but seems to be getting over it. He doesn’t like things that move unexpectedly.
Grandma’s cat had kittens, which they were excited to see and hold. D2 was under the impression that the Mama cat eats the kittens; we tried to explain that that’s how she carries them but I’m not sure he got it.
Moving furniture and hauling books to get ready for the babies’ coming.

D1 is working pretty steadily at teaching herself to write. Not only is she learning how to copy different letters, she can write most or all of her name (and everyone else in the family’s) now, and one morning she showed us how she had sounded out "CAT" and written it on her magna doodle (a wonderful invention, btw). She wrote it backwards, though. Then she proceeded to do "dog" the same way. I’m trying to find the right level of interference; some of her letters she forms from the bottom up or otherwise strangely. She’s very obsessed with doing things "right," though. (That’s probably why she prefers learning letters to drawing.) I may continue giving her occasional pages of dotted letters from here–she loves tracing letters–and showing her formation if she is interested.
D1 is also increasing balance and likes to show off standing on one leg or trying to hop.
D2 is full-fledgedly into the little-boy obsession with parking cars. He can spend hours lining them up on the couch–do all little boys go through this phase? On the other hand, he’s entering into imaginative games more all the time. He still likes pointing out letters he knows, but I haven’t noticed him picking up that many new ones.
D1 is starting to make sense of simple addition and subtraction. D2 is beginning to grasp what counting is for and understand numbers larger than three.

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