What We Did, Mid-Late March 2008

Bible: Last Supper, Arrest, Crucifixion, Resurrection and post-Resurrection appearances.

Hymn: Christ Arose!

Memory Work:  Now working on F–Romans 3:23. D1 is always eager to start reading a new verse, but D2 takes a little longer to really know them well.

Poetry: When We Were Very Young, a new poem and an old poem every day. They are actually requesting poems besides "Disobedience"! The one about the toy soldier was very popular.

Millions of Cats: One of those nice old classics that can rely on an excellent story and clever drawings instead of garish colors. The climax might be a little gruesome for some, but that sort of thing (millions of cats apparently eating each other up) never fazes the ducklings. Great book. It served us well through the flu.
God Gave Us Two: Yes, it is rather sappy, and I have to edit out a too-obvious reference to new-sibling-angst, but they have two babies. So this one has been requested over and over. I suppress my desire to comment that actually papa polar bears have nothing to do with the rest of the family and mama polar bears kick out the big baby when the little ones come along, not to mention that they would all be eating seals and caribou rather than making friends with them. Why this annoys me when Beatrix Potter’s don’t, I’m not sure, but Potter’s animals live in a dangerous world. Her cats may wear pants, but they still eat mice.
Treasury of Beatrix Potter: D1 asked for several of these stories: Squirrel Nutkin, Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle (who has a minor role in the Thursday Next series, which I’ve been reading), and the Tailor of Gloucester. Tom Kitten is still the favorite, though.

Somebody has had the flu at every point for the past two weeks, so we haven’t done much.
We did have an egg and carrot hunt on Easter, but we never did really color eggs. (I dumped some dye in the one pot for Easter breakfast.)
They did watercolor painting one day. D1 made lots of rectangles, trying out how to use the paints. D2 was not feeling well enough to stay interested for long.
We played a game with dice and poker chips a couple of times. We’ve played the Very Hungry Caterpillar a few times, too.

They wanted the counting bears and frogs out one day last week. D1 especially was sorting them in careful rows by color. She said they were at the museum watching the star show. (That’s from January.)
D1 can count by twos up to six at least (while we were playing the poker chip game) and calculated how many people would need plates if there were three guests coming for breakfast.
They are still asking for Mis Numeros in Espanol almost every day. They both know all the numbers from one to ten in Spanish and I think D1 knows most or all in French. D2 looks set to learn the names of the numerals in Spanish before he learns them all in English.
They’ve been doing a lot of pretend cooking. Most of my pots are in the living room or bedroom, full of plastic food. D2 was making cookies in the crockpot for awhile, but D1 stuck with the more plausible soup.

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