What We Did, Mid February-Mid March 2008

Bible: Miracles and parables, up through the Garden of Gethsemane. On track for Easter!

Hymn: Christ Arose! (Which of course they call, "Low in the Gravy.")

Memory Work
: We’ve been working through a book of ABC Bible verses from the old Bible Memory Association. So far they’ve learned A, Isaiah 53:6; B, Acts 16:31; C, Ephesians 6:1; and D, James 4:8. We’re working on E, Proverbs 20:11. They are really enjoying this, and we work on letter sounds with D2 at the same time, while D1 is starting to pay attention to how the words track as she "reads" them. Wondergirl found them a coloring book based off the same book, too.

Poetry: When We Were Very Young. "James James Morrison Morrison" is always the hands-down favorite, but we try to read a new one every day, too.

Boats, by Byron Barton: Handy basic guide for toddlers, as always with Barton.
Ship Ahoy, by Peter Sis: Very cute book of boy pretending to sail various boats from his couch. Perfect for the ducklings, who are always sailing on the couch, or in the laundry baskets.
Saint Patrick, Ann Tompert: I thought this would be a little too advanced, but they begged me to read it more than once. I’ll pull it out again on Monday.
We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, Michael Rosen: For some reason I had always thought this book must be overrated, but it’s not.
Hello Baby!, Lizzy Rockwell: I like this best of the big-sibling books I’ve seen thus far. It contained enough detail to satisfy D1, who is utterly fascinated by prenatal development, newborn behavior, etc., without giving so much information as to be overwhelming. And the pictures are sweet and the overall attitude very upbeat but not too syrupy.
Baby on the Way, William and Martha Sears: This one is also good, but didn’t quite hit the spot the way the other did; I think it’s just a little too long for the ducklings. Also there’s more about how Mom feels, which interests the ducklings not at all. No, they want to hear about the babies. 🙂 I think this would be more appropriate if they were a year or two older.
Too bad I can’t find a big sibling of twins book, but they’ve enjoyed looking at the pictures in *my* twin books. D2 seems to think they are catalogs, and keeps asking, "Are *those* the babies we’re going to get?"
My Little Golden Book of Manners: Remember this one? D1 is suddenly very concerned about what is proper manners. Some parts seemed a little dated–I doubt they’ll ever have to take phone messages, since we don’t even have a home phone and my cell phone is always with me. But still lots of good stuff.
Crow Boy, Taro Yashima: Yashima’s Umbrella has been a favorite for a long time; this is one they are just growing into. Yashima’s books are just right: simple, beautiful, engrossing, moving but subtle. This one is set in a small village in Japan where a young outcast demonstrates an unexpected talent. It’s a similar theme to The Hundred Dresses, but suited for a much younger audience.

Mud pies, wading through puddles, and a little bit more playing in the snow.
One day we had the perfect snow for following tracks and found cat, squirrel, bird, and dog tracks as well as observing the differences between different boot tracks and testing what tracks the little wheelbarrow made. D1 was most interested in this.
Cutting paper into little bits.
Grew carrot tops.
Working on learning to follow a routine for morning and night chores–hopefully to the point of independence or at least able to help another adult remember all the steps by the time the babies arrive.

D2 can pull his own pants on and off and manage some shirts. He tries to change his own diapers, but I draw the line there.
D1 asked to take a "card" (coloring page) to a neighbor she only knows slightly, and presented it to her quite politely. It was all her own idea.

2 thoughts on “What We Did, Mid February-Mid March 2008

  1. Karen–I've been reading/lurking for years now at your blogs. I'm a friend of Sally's from NH. I've enjoyed your writing over the years. Anyway…a big sibling book for twins: God Gave Us Two, by Lisa Tawn Bergren. A bit syrupy, but very clear that children are a blessing and the big sib is happy to have baby arrive (and stay!). Thanks for the great thoughts & ideas. Jenn

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